"11 Days Of Remembrance"

I thought this was kind of cool so I figured I would share it with everyone. The San Diego Blood Bank, in conjunction with local credit unions, had an “11 Days Of Remembrance” from September 1st to the 11th in honor of the heroes from 9/11. Basically you went down and donated blood. Now I had never done this before but I went through with it. Anyways, just about everyone at the credit union I am working at decided to contribute in one way or another so we decided to take the opportunity for a photo op and put the picture up on our website.

Well, apparently the San Diego Blood Bank got wind of it and got a copy of the picture and placed it on their site as well. So, like I said I thought it was kind of cool to get that type of acknowledgement so I grabbed a screen shot of it to keep. Check it out since the website will probably be changed to something else by the time you read this.

11 Days Of Remembrance