Back Under The Knife

Well, got some bad news today. Turns out I am going to have some more surgery to remove another "suspicious" mass on Thursday. This is will be nothing like the original tumor that was removed. As a matter of fact, right now it sounds like it's going to be out patient surgery where I go in early in the morning and get discharged later that same day. I will know more tomorrow after I talk to the doctor doing the surgery.

As always a huge thanks goes out to all the family and friends who have been so supportive over this very difficult time. Even the emails and comments posted on the website make for a huge lift in my spirits when I read them.

Sorry it's taken me awhile to post to the site. Physically, the surgery to remove the original tumor has taken a lot out of me. I've been hurting pretty good this past week since coming home from the hospital but man it feels so good to be home.

Moving forward, it looks like this next surgery is going to be it; at least we are hoping. I will get a two week period to recover and after that start a 4 month treat process of chemo. At least that is the plan for now.