Just a quick update

Not much to talk about really just wanted to let everyone know how its going. It's mid-week and the long chemo days are starting to wear on me. But this is typical. I was feeling so good over this past weekend but I knew it couldn't last.

My Dad seems to be doing well. Healing can be a long process. Bek's Dad seems to have dodged the major wrath of the latest hurricane down in the south. He said there was a lot of wind but everything held together. Happy to hear that.

Thanks for all the emails and keep them coming. There is nothing nice than coming home from a day of chemo and reading emails or comments on the website, it is a real pick me up.

One thought on “Just a quick update”

  1. Hey big guy,so sorry to hear about your Dad,but glad he is recovering.Its been awhile since I have checked on you,you must be doing great because your humor hasnt changed a bit.You inspire us all! Tell Bek and Theta I said hello and take really good care of yourself.XOXOXOXOXOXOX

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