15 down 6 to go

Well, I started my 3rd and final cycle of chemo today and we are in the home stretch. I am on my full week this week, which means everyday for 5 days then it’s only a matter of 2 more quick treatments and I am done, hopefully. There will probably be some more testing when all the treatments are done to figure out if I am indeed “good” for now but I have no reason to think I won’t be. My blood work came back good today and everything is low but that’s to be expected. I am really getting excited about moving back to normal everyday life. I miss my friends, I miss playing baseball, I miss playing with Emily and Alyssa, I miss work (if you can believe it), I miss feeling good, and I miss my hair, what little I had. I’m looking forward to missing the doctors and nurses (as wonderful as they are) and more importantly I am really looking forward to not getting jabbed by a needle every couple of days. I am trying not to get too far ahead of myself; there is still a lot that needs to get done but damn, I can’t help but think about normal life again. I hope posting my progress here has helped everyone keep up to date about how I am doing but I am looking forward to not talking about it every day.

The girls are doing well and as many of you probably know by the email sent out, the school fundraiser season has started and I just wanted to give a quick thanks to everyone who placed an order; we really appreciate it. For those of you who managed to slip away from getting the email, you can help support Emily and Alyssa’s school by purchasing something from their “School Gift Wrap Fund Raiser”. Thanks to modern technology this can all be done online now by visiting http://www.sallyfoster.com, browse around, add items to your cart, and when you go to check out you will be asked for the “Seller Number” at which point if you would type in the Seller Number 161567 so that both Emily and Alyssa and their school will get credit for the purchase. When you hit “Continue Checkout” you should see a message saying something like “Thank you for supporting Emily and Alyssa Johnson (seller # 161567) and Garden Road Elementary School.” All orders over $60 will be shipped for free and the school earns 50% profit on every order. They have some pretty nice things on the website and everything is reasonably priced. We know this is not the most attractive part of public school, but honestly, the funds do go towards field trips, the author's fair, school assemblies, as well as the rest of the extra activities our children enjoy each year. You're going to have to hurry because the fundraiser ends the 23rd of September.