Browser Discrimination

It's amazing to me that I still stumble across sites like this. Especially "real" sites from "real" companies. This is a media company none the less. The funny thing is, running Internet Explore under Windows is one of the last combinations I actually use. Even under Windows, Firefox is my default browser. The show I was trying to check out was called "The IT Crowd". Seeing how I live in the US and don't get "Channle4" chances are the only way I am going to see it is to stream it. Now the reality is I can easily move to one of my Windows boxes or even fire up my virtual Vista desktop on my current desktop but I am not going to do that out of general principal. Sorry Channel4.

Just a short little rant.

QuickTip – Firefox

If you spend any amount of time on the Internet and are anything like me, you usually have a set of sites you visit on a regular basis. Here is a quick time saving tip if you use Firefox. Organize all your commonly visited web sites into a single "Daily Setup" file. I actually have two, one personal that opens all my favorite web sites that I usually read at least once a day and another for work which opens a bunch of work related sites. Then all you need to do is click on your Daily Setup bookmark, select the setup you want (personal or work), and click on "Open All in Tabs" and BAM you are off and running with your daily injection of Internet feed.


Hope you find this tip useful.