No news is, well no news…

Well today was kind of a disappointing day. It all started with a wonderful MRI which was very reminiscent of the movie "The Incredibles" when they attempted to stuff Mr. Incredible into a tube to jettison him down onto the bad guy's island. Once they got me stuffed into the tube it was basically just a bunch of loud noises with me being told to hold my breath a lot. Good news is that should be the last test where I need to be stuck with a needle for a while. At least until the actual surgery.

I also met my Oncologist today. He is going to be the person who primarily takes over my treatment after the surgery. It was a very disappointing first visit mainly because we were really hoping to get a lot of questions answered by him that he is just not ready to answer at this point. Basically, he can't give us any new information until after the surgery. No idea on the exact type of Sarcoma, or if it is actually 100% Sarcoma, what treatment there is going to be, or what my quality of life is going to be.

It all hinges on the surgery, which is an issue in itself. Now, they want to include a Vascular Surgeon in on the process to address any issues they may have with the tumor and the arteries as well as fix any problems that the tumor may have caused to the arteries. This makes the total number of Surgeons in on the operation 3, and the process that much longer.

Over the next couple of days I will be meeting with the Vascular Surgeon as well as the Primary Surgeon. Then the 3 Surgeons need to get their schedules all lined up to actually perform the surgery.

So, there probably won't be much to update everyone with until Thursday night but if anything comes up I will be sure to post it.