The Sun is Still Shining

Hey everyone, just dropping a quick note to let you know I am still here. Had a pretty rough patch last week but I am feeling better and better everyday now. I still hurt, but in retrospect over the past month, I am doing great. Wouldn't want to hurt this much any other time, but today I am happy to feel this way and I know tomorrow I will feel even better. A lot of small personal accomplishments have happened the past several days, the biggest of which was me actually getting outside and moving around a little. It has been weeks since I've been outside for any amount of time and it felt good to go for a walk. I am moving around more and more. I actually helped my daughters wash their hair last night which became a huge personal moment for me. I am looking forward to getting back to everyday life although that might still be a little ways out.

So let's do the update thing. I had a follow up visit with the doctor that did my first surgery and he checked me out to see how my body was healing after the two surgeries. Things seem to be pretty much on track. He was concerned I was still not eating and asked that I make more of an effort to eat normal which I have started doing. The big appointment is Tuesday, when I see my Oncologist. He is the person who has taken the lead in my ongoing treatment. Of which, I should have more information on after my visit with the Oncologist but for now, it looks like I am going to have to go through a chemo process known as BEP for 4 cycles. From everything I've heard this is pretty much going to suck but it should be the end of the process for me; after that, things should start getting back to normal, health and life wise.

Now for some fun stuff, since I was feeling good I decided to sit down at the computer and do some work, so I added a webcam to the site. Nothing special, just pretty much me looking dazed and confused at my computer when I am in here working. So be sure to check it out if you are interested, it updates about every 5 minutes when it is on.