New Logo at Starbucks

Starbucks Logo

It’s been awhile since my last post and I am sorry but I need to come out of it with a rant and here it goes.

What is the story with the new/old Starbucks logo? I guess it’s a throwback logo for Starbucks from back in the day but is this permanent? What marketing genius came up with this idea? “Hey I’ve got an idea; let’s change our globally recognized green logo that has become synonymous with coffee to something different. And while we’re at it let’s try and freak out a few people by displaying our Mermaid a little more prominently and show the fact that she actually has two tales.”

Come on, whenever you saw a green coffee cup be it on the street, on television, or in a movie, your first thought was probably, “hey there drinking Starbucks”. Yeah tamper with that type of marketing, great idea Starbucks. And the mermaid, dude she is really freaking me out. Maybe if I was a sailor or even somewhat nautical, I would understand and perhaps appreciate the two tail thing she’s got going on. But I don’t, it freaks me out and looks like Aquaman porn material. It just looks wrong. I mean I always noticed she was holding two things in the logo but never thought it was two tails. One of those; I won’t ask, please don’t tell me just give me my drip and let me be on my way. Now that image is embedded in my head.

The wife learned another interesting fact about the color change. It seems that the new color cups and the color sharpie or local Starbucks uses tend to turn her Non-Fat something (which they typically mark with a ‘N’) into a Vanilla (’V') something because the N blends in with the color of the cup and looks like a V.

Starbucks, I am sure you are not seeing your business increase as part of th effort, please return back to the colors everyone know and loves and has made you a crazy amount of money of the same color.

Starbucks Logo Green